Reasons Why You Have Not Cashout

Checkout Reasons Why You Have Not Cashout

Chechout Reasons Why You Have Not Cashout

As they say success is lonely and kind of continues process surrounds with many obstacles which only the Brave heart will reach.

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See Reasons Why You Have Not Cashout And Possible Remedy

Your Mind Set


you see in this life these are the three people you can’t deceive
1) God
2) yourself
3) Satan.

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You can deceive your parents, friends, clients but you can’t deceive those three people.

Why you are not cashing out is you mind set, what you are thinking, you are always thinking negative.

Instead of thinking on how to invest with the money or how to help others, what you think is how to cash out use the money go to clubs, sleep in a hotel, buy latest watch and shoe how to carry women or any girls you have been targeting. When mama and Papa dey house no food, you dey think rubbish, and you expect God to bless you, my brother you are wasting your time.

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Even if you say u will change it now, you cant deceive God.

Your Believe

some of you is because of what you believe on. Some of you believe that it is your family juju or witches that are making you not to cash out, anytime clients want to pay something will happen , Note it because you believe on that that why it working on you.
See let me tell you your destiny lies in your hand and no man or woman can take it out, except you yourself.

Habit Of impatient

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Some of you don’t have patience in billing your client You meet client today and bill tomorrow is that how your parents taught you on how treat strangers.

Assuming I meet you today a d we exchange numbers and I call you the next day and tell you that I need 100,000 will you give me ?

Sometimes use yourself as example before you move forward.

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