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Safe Game Cash Contract Address & Market Cap

Welcome to 6method crypto hub, following the high demand for the latest promising token called (SGC). Here is the legit Safe Game Cash Contract Address for your transaction.

Safe Game Cash Contract Address And Market Cap

SafeGameCash Market Cap

SAFEGAMECASH is a token on the Binance smart chain. The ticker associated with the coin is SGC. It is being held by 969 people conducted 6398 transactions so far. The first transaction was detected 4 months ago. The SAFEGAMECASH’s market cap is $144,401. The current liquidity of SAFEGAMECASH is 0.02735699 BNB.

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Safe Game Cash Contract Address


The token’s contract is Verified unique.

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Today’s SafeGameCash Telegram Updates

⚠️ Dear SGC army this is an important communication ⚠️

I intend to make this project the work of my life!

I am determined to make Safegamecash the biggest gaming project in the crypto world!

and that is why I am pleased to announce to you that we are in the process of officially constituting our company and have an official head office in Europe! ?? ( more info will follow )

I am also announcing that we will be launching something very BIG … THE Savior Swap System! ?? (I will tell you more very soon, just know that it will be HUGE ! )

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I also remind you that we will be the only project that will reward 1 BTC per Month! ?

1BTC per month for those who participate in fundraising for SGC and charities! you do good and you are rewarded for it! what better? (half of the funds raised will go to a charity and the other half will be introduced to SGC liquidity as a token purchase) which will have the consequence of pumping up the price and value of Safegamecash and therefore make you win more money!

(remember that the redistribution and reflection will be in BNB and not in sgc with that you will not even need to sell your tokens to earn money you will earn bnb just by holding) ?

we also have 2 big not games that will surprise you!

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And our Biggest project: Vie_U

Do you want more? We intend to form our OFFICIAL E-SPORT Team, it will happen very soon and you will be able to follow this adventure live, so you will follow the adventure of one of our colleagues who will recruit elite players around the world! as a recruiter, you can follow this adventure on youtube in vlog format ? you will see all the stages, as well as the preparation of the players, their trips to the competitions, etc it will be great and know that we intend to win the biggest tournaments and you will be able to support our players !?? in addition, the money generated by views on youtube and other streaming platforms will be fully introduced into SGC’s liquidity! once again this will help create stability and constant evolution of the price of our incredible SGC Token.

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There is still a lot to come and it is huge! I promise you when I tell you that this is the work of my life I am not kidding, and it is not empty words! WE ARE NOT A SHITCOIN AND YOU WILL SEE IT!

So, friends, I ask you one thing and it is in the interest of each of you of us,
I promised you to take back safemooncash which has been abandoned and to make your move on to something better.. and I intend to do it and until now I kept my word, I would like you to make the effort to share the project everywhere on all social media’s, I would like us to be the best community and the most united in the world!

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we are a family
we are an army
we are united

WE ARE SGC ! and we must rise to the top! the primary objective of the pre-sale is to bring together 5000 BnB and this is in the interest of this project because we need the means to succeed!

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we have nothing to envy other projects! we are 24k members we can do it and I believe in us! we are SGC we are different from others we are unique and we will explore everything in our path, our objective is not the moon but another GALAXY !!!

I love you and I am on your side guys

I am a holder like you,

Your CEO.

Please read our roadmap and visit our website:

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