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Safegamecash Swap System Ahead Of SGC Token Public Presale

Safegamecash Swap System Ahead Of SGC Token Public Presale

Dear SGC family, following a successful pre-sale over 3 months as Safegamecash Swap System updates SGC Token holders and investors ahead of it’s Public presale.

We are excited to share with you our plans and the incredible revolution that will be the Savior Swap System and more.

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The public presale will start immediately after sharing this text, so you can buy the public presale from now on at a price this time of 1 bnb for 60 billions SGC.

The public presale will be done in exactly the same way as the private because we realized that if we do it on dxsales we should inject the liquidity in two times and it will not be good for the token so its better to inject it all at once.

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We think this is the best solution, so we have Securiser as announcing in advance the liquidity of the private presale and we are starting the home stretch before the official launch on pancakeswap.

Now its time to give you something to wet your appetite with some spicy announcements.

We start with


The Savior Swap System will allow you to save the tokens which are at the bottom of your wallets! (of course not scam projects)

with this you will be able to convert your tokens and transform them into the Karma Token.

A token directly linked to the Karma reward system.

What is the Karma Token?

The Karma token is a token that you can acquire in two different ways,

either by buying it or by converting your tokens against it through the Savior Swap,

So the Karma Token can only be bought or stacked but aren’t sellable.

What is the interest of the Karma token?

The Karma token is a token that will give you a redistribution in SGC which itself will give you a redistribution in BNB which means that you will be a double winner.

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The liquidity obtained by converting your tokens with Karma will be introduced in majority in the liquidity of SGC and Karma token which will make them increase in value exponentially.

Also know that the more you have Karma the more you will earn in % of redistribution.

Every 3 months you will earn an additional 0.5% in SGC which itself will earn you bnb and you know the rest.

Abandoned projects will no longer be useless and will even earn you money.

Moreover know that in term you will have the possibility to convert any token in this way and not only the projects in bad positions but any token can be “recycled” and reincarnated in Karma and SGC !!!

We are determined to change the world of tokens forever and leave our mark there.

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The Safegamecash (SGC) Swap Have no limits

The Savior Swap is huge and requires a lot of work and it will be ready very very quickly.

For this we have to increase the total supply to 2 quadrillons in order to have enough token for the Savior Swap, this will not change your tokens and the value that they’ll have at the exit.

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For all those who still have Safemooncash in their Wallet

know that you will be among the first to be able to Benefit from Savior Swap ! We haven’t forgotten you and so here is the chance to recoup your losses as well as earn more than you ever imagined.

Other news! We officially have an office in Europe and you will have news about this soon.

Dear SGC Army know that you are on board and that we promise you not only the rocket but the stargate which will take you further than anything you can imagine.

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