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Satoshi BTCs Mining: Mine More Using This Strategy

Satoshi BTCs Mining: Mine More Using This Strategy

If you miss bitcoin back 2012, take BTCs serious and acquire more wealth in cryptocurrency. Satoshi BTCs mining another money market where you can get free BTCs daily by doing small task.

BTCs mining is not bitcoin mining. Rather when you’re mining the BTCs, you’re rewarded with bitcoin

BTCs is still on testnet and the value is zero (0) and you can’t transfer or withdraw it yet. But Bitcoin you got can be transferred or you can withdraw it to any crypto wallet/exchange wallet (minimum withdrawal is 0.0002 Bitcoin)


Bitcoin has 21M TotalSupply while BTCs has 2.1Bn TotalSupply with over 20M participants globally and over 231M BTCs mined thus far.

BTCs registration & Verification

Steps to join: Click link below to register; then download the app & login to verify your identity immediately using NIN/PVC/Passport Number & do Face Verification.

Satoshi BTCs Mining Registration link

To register on the the Satoshi BTCs link follow the below:

Note: After registration, verify your identity to be able to start mining & be receiving your BITCOIN rewards daily.

Latest Airdrop:

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