See the creature that leaves in ur eyelashes

See the creature that leaves in ur eyelashes

lets see the creature that leaves in our eyelashes.

You know how every time one or two of or lashes came off as a kid we would blow it off of our finger and make a wish?well little did u know a couple creatures were likely living on the eyelash which is called a DEMODEX 

A demodex is a species of tiny mites that live on your eyelashes. They crawl around your face,eating up all of the oily secretion. They do not excrete on your face but eat until they quite literally blow themselves up all over your face.

You might be asking ““are they harmful to my health? ”

The answer is no.unless you have excessive amount of Demodex living on your face.

They don’t hurt u at all the worst thing they can do  is irritate ur eyes if you host too many of them. thanks


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