See What A Twitter User Told DJ Cuppy On her “Happy 60th Independent” Caption


Interesting as Twitter user makes joke of popular DJ Cuppy on her Independence day caption.

What A Twitter User Told DJ Cuppy

In fact if you no get bad mouth for this country ehn, you fit no survive. Look at what they told DJ Cuppy just because she wished Nigeria “Happy 60th Independent”.
See screenshot of the tweet below;

enough, what the Twitter user said is nothing but the truth. Before Buhari became president of this country, things were cheaper than they are today. It’s a sad reality.

But people get bad mouth sha. Cuppy kpele o.

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Though I think the tweet is too harsh. How could he compare our Billionaire daughter’s br*ast with ordinary N50 FuFu. Chai

What do you think?
Is this true?



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