SHIBA ETH Airdrop: How To Claim 10,000,000 Shiba Token

Don’t miss this great opportunity to claim phase 3 of 10,000,000 SHIBA ETH Airdrop to your trust wallet.

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Get 10,000,000 SHIBA ETH for each valid referral, follow the procedure below including the video below including the contract address.

How To Claim SHIBA ETH Airdrop Free

1. Open Your TrustWallet app.

2. The click on the Dapp Button as Shown in the Picture

3. Paste this link in the search bar above and enter the link below


4. Click on the ethereum logo as shown in the picture above. Then a menu should appear

5. Select Smart Chain once the menu appears

6. Then a trust wallet prompt should appear when you select smart chain. This prompt would ask “if you want to Connect to Shiba Eth?.

7. Click “Confirm”

8. Buy or Claim Airdrop

9. Once you click the claim button or buy Button a Transaction page will appear.

10. Click on approve Transaction.

11. Add Shiba Eth to your wallet to see your Shiba Eth Tokens

Token Supply: 39,000,000,000,000,000 SHIBA ETH

🔘 Symbol: SHIBA ETH

🌐 Network: Binance Smart Chain

💰 Airdrop: 40,000,000 SHIBA ETH

👥 Per Referral: 10,000,000 SHIBA ETH

Contract Address


Latest Airdrop:

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