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Shocking: Wife dumped husband after three Months of Marriage

Wife dumped husband after three Months of Marriage after checking his bank account say you have nothing to make a home

Wife dumped husband after three Months of Marriage

News reports that a Wife dumped husband after three Months of Marriage, A 39 years old man identified as William shared his sad story, his three months marriage ended up with his newly wedded wife dumping him after checking his two banks accounts balance through his phone, but she is now begging to return back to him after she had about his prosperities.

William shares his sad story of Wife dumping him after three Months of Marriage

William work for his boss who works as contractor in building technology field at Federal Capital Territory FCT. According to him he rented an apartment and settle down after he had Marry his newly wedded wife Jane. But trouble started when Jane saw that things were not working fine financially and decided to go through his bank account by checking his alert and balance, she was disappointed to see just N3,000 in total from both accounts. With this Jane dumped William. William narrated;

‘Three months after our wedding, my wife Jane was pregnant, when she saw that things were very hard on me she complained, but I begged her to be patient with me till my boss got a new contract but she didn’t shows sign of patience. One day she went ahead, pick up my phone, as my wife she is always allow but that was my biggest mistake.
Unknown to me she went through my account details and find out that my balance at that moment was not enough to make a home’.


‘The following day I went to work with my boss as usual, we had a long day work that day but when I return home I found out that my wife is gone. She had packed out of my house. I was so confused and don’t know what was actually going on until I finally find a note on my table which read’;

I am tired of your financial embarrassing situation, I can’t take it anymore. You are poor and have nothing to keep a woman for. How would you take care of my pregnancy and become a responsible father?. Imagine I broke through your account yesterday just to find out you are left with N2,500 on your first account and N500 on the other account, so what am I doing with a poor man that works all days to return home with nothing?”

‘All his explanation fell on Jane’s deaf ears. She told the meeting that I have decieved her into marrying an empty man and it was never her dreams (She spoke very harshly at us despite the presence of elders from both families who were present in the meeting) At these word Jane removed her wedding ring I gave her and threw it at me and walked out of the meeting at once’.

‘I tried all my best to convince Jane personal I also sent friends to beg her she refused all and we became tired. Five months later my boss worn a very big contract and I was in as the third party. We both work on the contract and after it was aborted my boss decided to reward me with a three bedroom flat, he also got me my car and my own Share of payment from the contract we have done. He said that my wife who run away will soon beg to come back. I was very happy and thankful I felt being a man again’ and things return normal.

Three months later my boss got another contract from the same client adding that they were very satisfied with the previous building contract and will like to continue with him. I also act as the third party during the project. I got enough money from the contract together with my savings to run a large supper market. I said to myself. Having an extra business will keep things going on fine.

From then on my life had turned more better. Jane had about my prosperities and now she wants to come back she had sent friends on several occasions to beg me adding that she had missed me so far and was very sorry the way she had treated me. She had arranged with some family and friends to meet with me but am very scared about Jane. Did she really loves me or she is after money after all she is heavy pregnant for me.



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