Here are Six Facts About Online Education Nigerians must Know

Six facts about online education

Today’s world is steadily ebbing out traditional methods in favor of modern technology in various aspect of day-to-day living. Thanks to technology, one’s location no longer affects how we communicate, socialize, or work. Here are those six facts about online education you need to know.

Online universities were introduced just about two decades ago and were seen to be inferior to traditional universities because of a presumed questionable quality. Yes, there are some online programs that offer nothing more than a series of PDFs strung together and there have been some embarrassing online university failures that have played into this perception. Online universities also don’t offer the full campus life experience as traditional universities do and are often seen as a tradeoff for the convenience, flexibility, and affordability that learners enjoy. While online education may not be the most suitable option for everyone, the disruption its having on the industry can no longer be ignored.

There are several factors that make online education the most sustainable way to offer students the ability to design the learning experience they desire, and also what the world needs in terms of scalable, continuous learning that empowers society.

There is absolutely no doubt that as it has for communications, transportation, and other sectors, technology is here to transform education.

Here are facts about online Education every student should know

1. More fluid access to faculty and advisors

With online learning, support is at your fingertips. You can communicate with faculty and course advisors through various avenues and in more relaxed settings. Being able to live-chat and send emails to professors at any time gives learners the flexibility they need in seeking out the assistance and instant interactions they require to be successful. For added support, online universities also pair students with advisors that counsel them on anything from academic progress to career goals and overall wellbeing.

2. You’re in a Global Classroom

With global programs like Nexford University, you are immersed in a diverse, multicultural environment with classmates from all around the world. These global classrooms allow learners to engage with people of various cultures and nationalities. Building these communication skills and experiences are highly valued in today’s globally competitive world. Learners get to interact and build a network with classmates across continents, opening up their worlds right from home.

3. It’s flexible

Unlike a physical campus, online education doesn’t need to disrupt your life. It offers full-time options for those who desire a full immersion as well as part-time options for working professionals.

Students have the flexibility to learn on the go and at their own convenience. With Nexford’s monthly tuition subscriptions, you decide how fast you want to finish your degree and you only pay for the periods you are active! The best part is that you’re not forced to go as slow or as fast as your classroom, or move to the dictation of a professor. With online education you can also Notice that there are no barriers or rigidities that come along with physical classrooms. Your cost, time, pace, and location are all in your hands.

4. It’s personalized

Online learning offers a mix of learning resources and mixed media formats that traditional classrooms don’t offer. It forces you to rely on various types of tools and resources to research, assimilate information, and apply your understanding, similar to how it works in the ‘real world.’ With Competency Based Education (CBE) models, students dictate their own learning paths according to their proficiencies and their areas of interests. Students progress by proving mastery in certain topic areas and the real world application of these. This is a highly practical approach, as you get to build competencies you can immediately apply to your chosen career.

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5. It prepares you for the real world

Prior to launching Nexford University, I participated in market-focused primary research with IPSOS where we interviewed HR leaders across top Nigerian employers. We found that 90% of employers surveyed believe Nigerian graduates are not adequately prepared for the workplace. Aside from the soft skills cited, the critical hard skill gaps included research skills, competencies with critical computer applications, writing skills, and data analytics, which most Nigeria gradutes finds hard to adopt. All of these are core components of online education, which enables learners become conversant with through their everyday application and as they progress on one course or the other you also learn threats to success students should avoid with Completing a self-paced online degree also demonstrates discipline, tenacity, and time-management skills, which are highly valued in the workplace.

6. It’s scalable

Online education is the only way we can provide high-quality education at the scale we require. According to UNESCO, the number of students in higher education globally will double to 262-million by 2025, fueled by India, China and Sub-Saharan Africa. The United Nations has also positioned Nigeria to be third largest population with 390m people by 2050 . With this spiking population, high-quality and scalable education is more important now than ever. Nigeria’s university system, which holds about 150 schools, is over-populated and can only cater to 40% of applicants annually as reported by University World News. The only way to meet this demand with the quality and scale required to unlock productivity and innovation is through adopting tech-enabled, online education system.

The Aboves are those things every Nigeria student should have in mind about Online studies with the emergence of Online lectures in all higher institutions because of Covid-19 and also as a means to stop the spread of the virus.

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