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Hello guys, welcome 6method raindrop hub, let talk about Solana Classic Airdrop, how to participate, contract address and everything you need to know about Solana coin.

SOLANA CLASSIC AIR drop,  Contract address

What is Solana Classic?

Solana Classic is a blockchain platform designed for the real world and will be recognized as the most secure and functional blockchain.

It is built for public or private infrastructure, and approved or less blockchain.


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The Solana Classic is well-suited to suit a wide range of business needs across all industries, including rich role-based security permissions and industry-leading throughput.

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Use empty wallet without valuable asset

Get 200 solana classic


Remaining 8Days to go, you need at least 20000soc to process withdrawal. So it’s either u refer to get there or buy at pre-sale price of 0.01bnb

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To Participate Click Below link

Open TrustWallet, Copy Your BSC Received Address and Paste


Referral Get 200 solana classic

Add Manual
Name = solana classic
Symbol = SOC
Decimal 8

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How to participate in Solana Classic Airdrop

  • Free 200 SOC Airdrop
  • How to Participate
  • Paste your BSC address
  • You automatically get 200 SOC in your wallet.
  • Wait for Airdrop Distribution

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Solana Classic Tokenomics

  • Total supply is 200,000,000SOC.
  • 5,000,000SOC for airdrop.
  • 15,000,000SOC for presale.
  • 40,000,000SOC for Project Development.
  • 40,000,000SOC will be used to fuel Solana Classic Ecosystem.
  • 100,000,000SOC will be burn in fourth quarter 2021.

Presale & Distribution Rules

  • 15,000,000SOC is allocated
  • Presale Price: $0.05
  • 1BNB = 100,000SOC
  • The distribution of SOC will be based on first come, first served. To participate in the presale without delay.

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Sales Token Allocated

The total supply is 200,000,000SOC and Initial circulating is 20,000,000SOC. Total number of 5,000,000SOC will be airdrop to Solana Classic Community.

100,000,000SOC will be burn in fourth Quarter 2021. 40,000,000SOC will be use to fuel Solana Classic Ecosystem.
40,000,000SOC will be used for Project Development.

Presale is allocated 15,000,000SOC

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How to buy Solana Classic Token (SOC)

How to buy Solana Classic Token (SOC)

First; Add Solana Classic (SOC) as a custom token to your wallet, and then send BNB (Smart Chain) from your personal wallet address to the press address provided on this platform.

The equivalent Solana Classic Token (SOC) will be automatically sent to your wallet address, once your transaction is confirmed in the smart bank chain.

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Solar Classic Contract Address


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