Welcome to 6method Airdrop hub, as we all know that the generational wealth of cryptocurrency is all about acquiring wealth. Learn how to claim 5,000,000 Sonar Token Airdrop free.

Sonar Airdrop: How To Claim 5,000,000 PING Token Free

50,000 USD Sonar Token Campaign

This airdrop will resume on December 4th. To enter, follow the instructions below and then submit your information into the airdrop form on the homepage. The link to the form is provided near the bottom of this page.

How to participate In Sonar Ping Token Airdrop

To claim this 5,000,000 ping airdrop follow this procedure below.

  • Search for Sonar (PING).
  • Add Sonar (PING) to your CoinMarketCap watchlist.
  • Follow Sonar on Twitter.

Retweet the Sonar CoinMarketCap tweet pinned on Sonar’s page and tag at least 3 of your followers using the hashtags #SonarToken #SonarPlatform.

  • Join Sonar (PING) Telegram Group & Telegram Announcement Channel.

Sonar (PING) is responsible for and will select the winning participants who completed all steps for the PING 50,000 USD airdrop campaign.

The list of winners will be announced on the official Sonar Twitter account and Medium within 7 days of the conclusion of the airdrop campaign.

Sonar (PING) will not be held liable for unexpected circumstances that force the event to be discontinued. Meeting all the requirements listed does not guarantee a winning entry.

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