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Srcorp Airdrop: Claim 680 SRT Token worth $300 Here

Srcorp airdrop (SRT Token) is Live

Welcome to another opportunity to claim $400 worth if Srcorp coin by performing a simple task listed below.

Srcorp airdrop

Please perform the tasks below to earn to 280 SRT ($400) tokens.


What is Srcorp coin?

Srcorp provided as an incentive will be developed so that it can be used in online and offline stores through partnered retail stores.

Srcorp is listed on MEXC, Lbank, Coinmarketcap.

Airdrop rewards will be distributed to wallet addresses on July 15th and and 2,000 lucky random participants will be rewarded.

Referral rewards:
Top 1: 3000 SRT
Top 2-10: 1000 SRT
Top 11-50: 700 SRT
Top 51-100: 500 SRT

Airdrop end date: July 1st.

How to Claim Srcorp (SRT Token) Airdrop

1: Join Srcorp on Telegram group.

2: Follow Srcorp on Twitter and Medium.

3: Submit your ERC20-ETH wallet address.

4: The top 100 referrals will each get more SRT tokens.

Note: We are airdrop hunters, please do not spend any penny on any airdrop tokens.

SRk token contract address  address


The srcorp coin airdrop is ending by July 1st, 2022. Don’t miss this $400 opportunity.

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