Television Network StarTime To Show live LA Liga matches for 2020/2021 Season

StarTime To Show live LA Liga

Latest development for Football lovers as popular Television network, StarTime to Show live LA Liga matches for 2020-2021 season.

StarTimes, has acquired the broadcast rights to show live matches of the Spanish La Liga from the 2020-2021 season.

And it appears that the prospects of watching live La Liga games, featuring the likes of Argentine maestro, Lionel Messi and French World Cup winner, Antoine Griezmann, on StarTimes have been well received by football fans.


Before now, live matches of the La Liga were broadcast by only one cable television firm, who enjoyed exclusive coverage of all audio-visual contents related to La Liga.

Some respondents who spoke to Vanguard Sports , said the entrance of StarTimes would shake up the La Liga market in Nigeria.

According to Segun Tunde, operator of a viewing centre in Ikorodu,

“from what I have read and heard, the entry of StarTimes into the La Liga broadcast market will give people like us the opportunity to offer viewers lower prices to watch live games, because of the affordable subscription rate and plans of Startimes.”

Also speaking, Taiwo Sewonikun, who runs a viewing bar in Ketu, said: “I foresee a situation where the entry of StarTimes will force cable television stations in Nigeria to reduce their tariffs in order to have a greater share of the market, which is going to be good for subscribers, just like what happened in the GSM sector.”

In his own submission, an avid football viewer, Solomon Justice, said: “Fans are about to start enjoying a deregulated pay television market in live football broadcast.

“It is just so exciting that for once, Nigerians would have the right to
choose where and how to watch live football matches from the comfort of their homes or at viewing centres.”


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