Steps To Encode A Business Letter

Steps to Encode a business letter

Here are the best steps to write a business letter to an organization. Let’s start with definition of a business letter, business letter means that all the features of formal letter correspondence is applicable to business letter writing. Let us briefly examine the essential parts of a business letter and understand steps to encode a business letter.

The Essential parts on steps to encode a business letter

The writer’s address

Every business letter must contain the writer’s address. In the business world, organizations of firms maintain letterheads which are used for all their external correspondence. The letter is the paper which contains name, address and phone numbers of the organization.


Here Date is one of the essential parts of a business letter. Some letterheads create space where date is to be inserted. In business correspondence, it is always good to write the date in full. Date is written immediately after the writer’s address.

The Receiver’s Address

Here the receiver address comes immediately after the date. The receiver’s address refers to the tittle and address of the person the letter is addressed to.



The salutation line here comes after the receiver’s address. In business letter ‘ Dear Sir” or “Dear madam” you must be sure of the receiver’s Gender.

The subject line

This line usually contains the topics or caption of the letter. This refers to the subject matter rendered in a phrase. This throws light on the contents of the letter.

The Body

The body of the letter is where the message of the letter is being written in a clear and concise manner. The body may contain. The introduction, the message in paragraphs and conclusion. The introductory paragraph usually gives brief background knowledge of the letter. In business letter the background knowledge may be in form of reference to previous letter that led to the writing of the present one, or to state who directed that the letter be written.

The message section of the body will discuss the Cons and pros of the present letter. While the conclusion should be in the form if thanking the receiver in advance for treating the subject discussed in a manner that will enhance their business relation or for giving approval, if the letter is a request. The nature and subject of the letter determines how letters are introduced and concluded.

The complimentary close

The complimentary close is sometimes called the ‘Yours faithfully’ line. Business correspondence, Yours faithfully is appropriate. Yours sincerely is rarely used; it is used when the receiver’s name is used which sometimes indicates a less relationship.

Signature line

Here is the last stage of a business letter. Every business letter must be signed. The writer’s regular signature is appended after and beneath the complimentary close. The signature is very important in business letter.

Name of the writer

The writer’s name must be written in full for proper identification. This is done immediately after the signature.

Writer’s Designation

This refers to the rank and position of the writer in his organization.

See an example:

Here are characteristics of a business letter you need to Adopt


The language of business letters is usually simply and natural. The main purpose of writing business letters ist to communicate, to pass information in such a way that the receiver will not find it difficult to interpret what has been encoded to him. You must use a simple language when writing a business letter which must correspond with business language.

Being Brief

You must be brief with use if fewer words than ordinary letters and essays. If the writer is exact as discussed above, the letter will be free of unnecessary repetition of sentence and meaningless expressions.


To be clear and precise denotes accuracy. To be accurate here means to say that which needs to be said in a simple, concise manner. Accuracy should not be sacrificed at the altar of brevity. It is not encouraging to see a decoder of a business correspondence consulting books or persons in order to interpret a letter.

With this described steps and Guidelines your business letter is set to go.

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