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Stripper Pole and Spinning dance pole

Every thing you need to know About Stripper Pole and Spinning dance pole

Due to increase in population of strippers, we will be discussing on this article on everything you need to know about stripper pole including it’s main functions and installation. First let’s start with a important question.

Stripper Pole

What is a Stripper Pole ?

It is a long and slender piece of metal or wood, used by a strippers who removes their cloths especially as a form of paid entertainment in a dancing club usually nights. Then this takes us to another question of

who is a stripper ?

With regards to form of entertainment in which a scantily dressed woman dances erotically, turning on and posing against a vertically fixed pole on a stage either for money making avenue or for pressure.


When You Put A Stripper Pole In Your House

The stripper pole is actually on higher demand now, let’s teach you how to perfectly install it in your home.

  • Firstly remove the pole from the box, there should be 3 sections. Slot the sections together.
  • Add the bottom and the top plates, by sliding and twisting until the spring loaded knobs click into the holes on the plate.
  • Stand the pole up and using the wrench provided, unscrew and extend the top plate until it connects with the ceiling.
  • You can test the pole by pushing from the side on the top most section.
  • Now go grab some sexy clothes and show us how it is done.
  • Finally install a TV on It and enjoy

Watch a video of Pole dance ⬇️

Pole dancing gets a lot of flack. Either you’re a stripper, and that’s seen as a bad thing even though all it means is you are probably really strong and know how to walk effortlessly in heels and get lots of money thrown at you, or you’re the type of person who falls for fad workouts. Pole fitness has been and on and off “trend” for years, with plenty of hand-wringing about it being feminist enough, or #actually acrobatics or whatever.

My experience of a Stripper Pole

It’s hard to be proud of something I feel slightly ashamed of doing. It’s even harder to be proud of something that, let’s face it, I’ll never be that good at.

I’ve been at it for a few years and the pole remains in the living room.

I use it for practice and stretching and occasionally showing my friends how to do basic spins. But lately, I look up from writing and it’s there, and I think hey, why not take a five minute break doing crunches, or practicing shoulder mounts, before I inevitably look back at my Google Doc and stay seated for another four hours.

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