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The New Waves Are Alive & Well

The New Waves Are Alive & Well

The New Waves Are Alive

Sometime back, I read an article on one of the best musical group from Africa in the 90s & I shed tears & this heaviness had been with me over the years because this particular group affected me positively in my youthful days, a reggae group that made Nigeria so proud indeed.

I had wondered & lamented in agony how we lose the finest we have in different sectors on daily basis. But thank God for the news I heard of the members of this wonderful group, The New Waves – dready boys.

Rumour About The New Waves

Truly, we don’t know what to believe anymore over the years – some said they had travelled out of the country to America; others said they had issues with money & disbanded just like many groups do; some said the record label stopped them from releasing any more song; others widely rumoured that the youngest, the lead singer, Greg Thompson who is today known as St Greg was dead & therefore made it impossible for the group to continue. No matter which is which, it is beautiful to tell you that they are all alive & very successful today.


Jim Abel today is a successful practising lawyer for about 2 decades now, whenever his name in mentioned on any legal matter, the opposing camp is frightened. Now living in Awka, married with children, having a beautiful life.

Martin Steeve is a “wizard” in gospel music video production with high quality, sophisticated machines for the best standard anyone can desire. Married & living around Awka with family.

Jackin Terah on his part is very successful “money man” who resides in Lagos & run a mega construction company that specialises on sophisticated projects for multi million dollar companies & organisations like Airtel & high class individuals. Married with children, living in Lagos.

St Greg (Greg Thompson) on his part owns an Advertising & Marketing Company which is associated with successful introduction & growth of many big brands in Nigeria, more importantly the only one among them that paid attention to music again & very successful in his relaunch as a gospel artist with beautiful hit tracks like Mgbomgbo Ekele, Have Your Way, etc & have worked closely with artists like Eben, Iyke Onka, Buchi, T Sharp, Kasid, Koe Praize, to mention but a few. Presently, his family have moved back to stay with him in Lagos, Nigeria.

All these didnt just happen in one day, truly their stories should teach on patience with resilience. This in fact should be a very perfect lesson for our youths today, that if one is focused & determined, it doesn’t matter what life throws at them, they can succeed. St Greg has been able to combine his profession as a Brand Strategist beautifully well with his music which is very dear to him, especially as he is so commitment to the kingdom course.

He is presently working on different songs with the well respected gospel song producer, Kelly Lyon, making giant strides, building the kingdom of God.


In 2006, St. Greg recorded & shot the visuals of an 8-track gospel album “Psalm 23” but this was not released into the market for some personal reasons. And in the year 2008, he started recording the gospel album “Virtues” with renowned Producer/Gospel Rock Singer, Iyke Onka, which was finally released in the month of June 2013. And since the release, the evergreen song has been making great impact around the world & many lives are being changed daily!

In the recent past, St. Greg released few other singles like I BELONG TO YOU, SPIRIT & LIFE, EAST WIND, which he performed with all the members of the New Waves.

St. Greg has few other yet to be released collabos with renowned gospel ministers like Eben, Kasid, T.A.K & Jack (one of the New Waves). I personally pleaded with him to quickly release “I Mara Nma”, the song he performed with T.A.K. which I was opportune to listen & since then, it has been playing in my heart. It truly promises to be a life changing song around the world.

Kindly follow @stgregmusic very closely on all major social media handles & get ready for this as it unfolds.

Remain blessed!

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