Threats To Success Students Should Avoid

Threats To Success students should Avoid

Success is a term and policy which everyone want to achieve whether male and female adult and kids. Success always comes with some great sacrifice, let’s discuss threats that can hinder success as a student and also an individaul.

threats to success students should avoid in other to achieve their dreams


This are those illegal substances some people use or smoke to give them pleasant and exciting feelings. This drugs operate on the nervous system to alter mental activities. Substances used for this purpose include alcohol, coffee, nicotine in tobacco and others like cocaine and heroine that seriously impair the normal functioning of the brain. A lot of students take wide range of drugs to escape problems and to feel good without knowing the harmful effect of the drugs.

Drugs impairs problem solving ability and makes you less focused in your studies. You can no longer stretch for some hours in serious studies because once a drug addict you will long and thirst for it as you thirst for water. Some drug addicts can be without food for days but they cannot stay an hour without the intoxicating and harmful substances they smoke or drink. Once the habit is formed it’s often very difficult to break.
Avoid drug and drug addicts like a deadly disease don’t ever associate with them less they lure you in their unwholesome act. What they termed feeling good is only an illusion for only good life and success can make one feel good and contented.


Quest For Pleasure and Money

We are in a vicious circle and world where the quest for pleasure and money have made us discard cherished values. People now want to enjoy good things for life not by working and earning them but through frivolous and dubious means. The quest for pressure is the root of all the evil and vices found in our society today.

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In today world we are suffering from a moral degeneration that involves the young more. Students this day seek all kind of pleasure and comfort when they know they cannot afford them while still in school, leading them to stealing and prostitution.

This is a cultural decay for a society to have its youth seeking relieve and escape in sexual promiscuity even with all the realities of AIDS cases in the World. The girls in their quest for money often end up in their boy friends’ house in the pretence of going to school. They are ready to sell the pride of their womanhood just for money in their bid to satisfy their fancies because they want to be abreast of fashion trend.
The young men can go any length to keep and maintain their fleets of girlfriends. They pride themselves in the number of girls they have dated. Some engage in all forms of crime in their quest for money so they can please their trains. A lot of girls have had their educational careers disrupted because of unwanted pregnancies.

The purpose of life is not pleasure but rather pleasure should be a by -product of doing something good. People who are always bent on having good life never Really have one because they have no contact with what is good.
The quest for pleasure and good life sometimes can mar your success in school for little or no time could be spared for serious work.

Secret cult

Here let’s talk about cultism in schools

Secret cults are group of people who share common ideas and have extreme religious belief that are opposed to established order.

They initiate their members through rituals and blood oaths. Youthful exuberance often lure students into cults without weighing the options right. Once initiated, getting out of is usually very difficult for The members will seek to eliminate you than have you expose their evil activities. Their unscrupulous and wicked activities are threatening to destroy our educational institutions.

Cultism thrives in evil, wickedness and, violence. Their members instead of enjoying the good life they sought after live in perpetual fear, insecurity and danger for they know within themselves that they are not really living but are in a fool’s paradise. Their infamous activities have led to loss of life and property. They thrive on chaotic situations using innocent blood for their rituals

If you want success in school keep off from such boisterous and ill -tempered students for they are heading towards a water fall. Don’t take in people easily, take care in picking your friends. Don’t throw overboard the cherished moral and societal values you learnt from home for they are the wisdom of the ages and will serve you when you least expected.

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