Three Tips For Success In School



There has been a wide about the fallen standard of education in the country, with all the state holders in the education of young solicitating for solutions here and there, here are tips for success in school every student must know.
The government, the school, society and parents have all contributed to the nightmare we are witnessing today. success in education is imperative to success in life, which ever aspect of life one finds himself, one will need a great deal of hard – work to succeed.

Here are the Three tips for success in school

Here are those 3 tips, In the same way a student needs to work tirelessly on this three tips for success jn school before success will be achieved. Students these days seemed to have abandoned the age-long axiom of making haste while the sun shines.


Your attitude and disposition towards work and studies matter so much in life for they goon to influence your performance in so many ways. The way you think or perceive events around you can shape your reactions towards them. Your views about education, teaching and learning vis-à-vis your studies can make or mar your performance in school. If you see school and learning as a drudgery, a punishment imposed by parents you will never make any meaningful progress because you will lack the commitment needed to elicit learning.


Your willingness to work with the school and its programme is very important if the set goals are to be achieved. This means you must be at the right place at the right time. You should not become a deviant, getting into one trouble or the other. Serious and hard working students can hardly get themselves involved in any misconduct, for that will disorganize their studies. You have to be present in class always, listening and participating in actual classroom interaction, where the teacher will be teaching and illustrating vital points. Do not hesitate to ask Questions in class, that shows they are paying attention and not absent minded.

Be careful about the company I out keep. Pick students who can build you up and not those who will run you down or make you feel bad about school. Healthy competition among study groups of equal capabilities have served useful purposes in developing great minds and achievers over the years. There is no need to feel inferior among your classmates. You are what you make of yourself. What you are and what you can become are based on your state of mind. A healthy and sound mind will tend more towards positive thoughts than negative ones. The mind is the springboard of all attitudes whether rational or irrational. They need to guided toward good and noble ideals.


Cultivation of a good study habit is the basis for success in school. The whole effort will be fruitfuless if the study environment is not conducive.
This study environment comprises of all those material things within the study place that van influence learning either positively or negatively. Proper ventilation should be an essential feature of the study environment. Study exerts the whole body and fresh air can serve to sustain your energy. A poorly ventilated environment will drain your energy because it will be devoid of fresh air to invigorate you.

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You will need a cool and quiet place away from the blast of music or the Television. You can find solace under the shade of a tree where you will be all alone. Most students today have formed the habit of studying with their musical sets on. You cannot serve two masters at a time either you love one or hate the other. You cannot enjoy music while claiming to be studying for the music will serve as distraction. Note: No meaningful learning can take place under this kind of environment.
Finally, you have to be very careful with the company you keep. Bad associations held there are usually unwholesome and can hinder learning.


Here is the last three tips for success in school .The essence of developing good study habits and creation of conducive environment devoid of nosises have been emphasised.
What remains now is the organization of the study within a schedule that will not interfere with the school programme. The schedule or the time-table is to quide your private study. Just as the school time table serve to ensure that all subject receive equal attention the study time table enables a student to allocate her time proportionately among various subject so that none is neglected the time table is usually arranged in pyramid from with less complex Ines on top. Difficult and complex subjects like physics, maths. etc should be given attention when you are at your best and not tired.

The arrangement should be such that will provide for breaks in between to avoid boredom. Subjects like mathematics and English should feature daily as in the school time-table. Break time can serve as a period of assimilation. Just as the food we eat needs to be digested, learnt material also needs to be integrated into logical and meaningful whole for easy retention.

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