UK Government warn hairdresser ‘visors’ aren’t enough to prevent coronavirus

UK Government warn hairdresser

Wearing a plastic “visor” is not enough to protect customers from coronavirus in a barber shop as UK Government warn hairdresser, the government Medical Experts suggests

It’s emerged experts demanded guidance that forces hairdressers and barbers to wear a visor be extended, to include face coverings like a mask too.

In a meeting on July 22, the experts ruled visors alone “are unlikely to be an effective control for aerosol transmission”.

UK Government warn hairdresser to protect customers

“There is no evidence that face shields/visors are an effective source control for either larger droplets or small aerosols.

“We recommend that guidance for UK hairdressers and barbers should be strengthened to include wearing of face coverings

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Government guidance for hairdressers and barbers in England says they “must” wear a visor or face shield to protect their customers.

The guidance to hairdressers was updated on July 23, the day after the meeting of SAGE’s Environment and Modelling Group.

However, while the update tightened up the language on face coverings, it stopped short of making them mandatory like visors are.

Instead the guidance still says face coverings “are not an alternative for employees who wear a visor”.

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