Updates On ASUP Nation wide Strike: As Many Institution Set To Resume

Checkout Today’s Latest Updates On ASUP Nation wide Strike

ASUP Nation wide Strike

Here is today’s latest updates on ASUP Nation wide strike. According to reports, some chapter has voted for the Suspension of the strike.

What’s Next?

That Some ASUP Chapters has Agreed to Call off their Strike doesn’t mean The ASUP Nationwide Strike action has been Called Off.


Recall that the Negotiation Between ASUP and FG in respect to the Nationwide Strike action is what resulted to the Decision of holding emergency Congress Meeting in all ASUP chapters where (All Polytechnics) are given the freedom to Decide within their Chapter whether or not the Strike be Suspended.

Remember, if the Chapter’s who Agreed To Call it Off are Much than The One’s Who Insist not to call it off, then The Strike will be Suspended, but if Not then Strike might still Continue.
All Various Polytechnics that have not done their emergency congress have till tomorrow to do that.

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In View of this, we await Official Announcement From The ASUP NEC, Possibly from Wednesday upward, if The Nationwide Strike Would be SUSPENDED or Not.

It’s Not over until It’s over. Let’s keep praying.

Stay close for more updates and development on the 2 months ASUP Nation wide Strike Negotiations.

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