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VisaMetaFi Token Airdrop: Claim $500 VISA Round 2

Airdrop is the best way to accumulate free cryptocurrency by just performing a simple task. Here is another great opportunity to claim on going round 2 of VisaMetaFi token airdrop worth $500 visa token.

VisaMetaFi Token Airdrop

About VisaMetaFi DAO

VisaMetaFi DAO is designed to be completely transparent, as all rules, like all financial transactions, are registered on the blockchain for all to see.

involved has a say in deciding how the funds are spent and can track the investing process.


As the name suggests, VisaMetaFi DAO is decentralized and autonomous. Its decentralized feature is that the decision-making and implementation authority is not in the hands of a single unit. And, it is autonomous in that it can operate on its own.

How To Claim $500 VISAMetaFi Token Round Airdrop

To get started join with the link below:

We are glad that you joined our airdrop
Total to earn per Participant: 5000 $VISA Each

Winners: 9900 random winners
Top 100 Referrals: 5000 $VISA Each

To get your reward you must complete these tasks.

  • Follow our Twitter page and retweet the pinned post
  • Follow our Airdrop Partner’s Twitter and retweet this Airdrop tweet
  • Join our Airdrop Partner’s Channel
  • Subscribe to our Advertiser YouTube channel
  • Join our Telegram Channel
  • Join our Telegram Group

Note: (You must complete all tasks then click the button)

Visa token contract address

Visa Token (VISA?) ERC20 Token in Binance Smart Chain Mainnet. Token is implemented as ERC20 smart contract with address 0x9ebed429b80fb6a719ee3c22d9673a24784bae88

Visa Token Usage

$VISA is used for what in VisaMetaFi platform?

VisaMetaFi Token Airdrop

1. Attract as many users as possible, and in doing so turn these token holders into long-term platform users.

2. Generate interest in VisaMetaFi ahead of the project launch so that its exchange has a solid user base from day one.

3. Reward users with tokens for performing certain actions that are beneficial to the VisaMetaFi platform

4. Create a passionate and incentivized community of early adopters who have a stake in VisaMetaFi and a desire to see it succeed

5. Facilitate governance and voting for community-related matters

6. Drive third-party development of products and services which incorporate the VISA token, thereby increasing its utility and organic demand.

visa metafi token price

VisaMetaFi is a world-class, peer-to-peer payment method that is decentralized, censorship, and fraud-proof. We are providing innovative, blockchain-based solutions to do so. It’s easy to integrate and easy to use. The best part – is we don’t charge any fees.

VisaMetaFi is known as the world’s decentralized online visa card, for both real-life and virtual worlds aka NFTs Payment Solution. This is the latest innovation in the digital payments space that combines all the benefits of Blockchain, MetaFi, Web 3.0, and Metaverse.


Hope you got value? Remember to participate in the current VisaMetaFi token airdrop and claim up to $500 and also check out the Visa Metafi coin price.

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