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Wall Street Survivor: Learn How To Invest And Trade

Wall Street Survivor: learn how to invest and trade

Wall Street Survivor

Before we go into our main discussion, let’s first start with a clearer definition of what wall street survivor is all about and everything you need to know about it before you start playing.

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Wall Street Survivor is a stock market Game. Which means that it is a tool for learning how to invest and trade in public securities without risking your personal capital.


We think it’s the ultimate stock market simulation game. It is creates a lots of fun is very educational.

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We highly recommend that CFI students who are interested in careers in sales and trading, hedge funds, investor relations, or equity research gain exposure to market activity through a tool like Wall Street Survivor.

Steps To Start Paying Wall Street Survivor

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Below are everything you need to know about wall street survive and steps to join it.

Step 1

Register an account here:

You can sign up with your email address or with Facebook.

Step 2

Get your $100,000 of virtual currency and start trading.

Once you’re set up and have your virtual money, you can submit trades to the platform and watch the value of your portfolio rise and fall based on the performance of the investments you make.

Step 3

Win real USD cash prizes based on your performance.

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You can enter competitions and compete to win prizes that include eBooks, subscriptions, and real cash.

Step 4

Network with other traders around the world.

Interact with traders with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Learn the strategies behind their trades. Become a better investor!

Is Wall Street Survivor Safe ?

The game is 100% safe and soars these places where you can learn about stock market and try you luck out for now is as follows

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its a place where you are investing some amount of paper money in a company through virtual it helps to test and train your ability to earn in real stock market, as the date and stock prizes are real, but on the other hand its safe because you are trading with real cash.

I hope we just solved your problem and answered your questions about on this topic. Stay close for more of this, remember to drop your comments and questions below.

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