Watch Heartbreaking Pictures Of Oko Poly 200 level Student That Was Stabbed To Death By His Caretaker

Checkout heartbreaking photos as Oko Poly as a student has been stabbed to death by his Lodge caretaker on Saturday, 24th April 2021.

Some students rushed Chukwunonso to the nearby hospital but he didn’t make it but the student who was identified as Chukwunonso of Public Administration ND2 didn’t survive the knife wound on his neck.

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See Photos Abuchi lying Dead

“The Death of Abuchi, a student of public administration Nd2 R2 Fedpolyoko according to an eye witness (Mmachukwu) who lived in the same lodge with the deceased narrated that Abuchi was stabbed by the caretaker who collected the money contributed by the whole tenants of Currency Lodge Oko to pump water on Friday but to their greatest surprise the water didn’t last up to a day so Abuchi and other concerned lodge mates went straight to the lodge caretaker to complain because such a thing had never happened in the lodge.

Tension In Oko Poly

“The complaint led to a fight between both parties, the caretaker now had to stab Abuchi after much threats and exchange of words while the said lodge mates rushed him to Chukwunonso hospital Oko where Abuchi was confirmed dead due to much delay, while the caretaker fled for his life.”

Tension In Oko Poly

The statement concluded by urging “students to stay” and to refrain from “any jungle justice”. Divisional Police Station Oko is investigating the incident.

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