Watch Moment El Arabi lobs Leno to give Olympiakos the lead Against Arsenal

El Arabi lobs Leno

One would think Arsenal Defenders were clearly sleeping as they all waited for El Arabi take the shot without going for a tackle on him.

Mikel Arteta spoke in his press conference this week about Olympiacos striker Youssef El-Arabi’s record against Arsenal, and he’s just struck again to make this tie a little more interesting tonight.

Watch moment El Arabi lobs Leno

Mohamed Elneny: “Of course, for me I am always loyal to Arsenal. If Arsenal say to me: ‘Sign a new contract’, of course I would be happy to do this. When I was on loan, all the time I was thinking I need to get back to Arsenal to be in the squad, to play like I do now”

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