What Is Effective Representation?

What Is Effective Representation?

According to Comrade Peter Udoka a public administration scholar who defined effective representation as a key test for a legislative institution is how far it articulates and responds to issues of public concern and demands.

Representation largely involves service to constituents by representing their interests in the legislature and providing a direct link to government. The representation function is critical to the long-term sustainability of a democracy.

Citizens need to feel that their
representatives are listening to them and that their issues will be taken
seriously and addressed.

However, in Nigeria, this concept is partially practised as many citizens are still missing the link between
themselves and their representatives and often express concerns about ineffective representation by their representatives.


On the part of lawmakers, concerns have been expressed about poor citizens’
understanding of representation and challenges to effectively carrying
out their representation functions. The function of the legislature is not limited to law making alone, it also includes representing the constituents effectively and efficiently by providing basic amenities to the constituents.

May I use this medium to plead with the youths to see beyond bribery, thuggery, sycophancy among others in subsequent elections.
As citizens, we have a lot of onions and ingredients to benefit from our representatives.

Here is an answer to the question what is Effective representation?

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