Why Biafra Should Be Declared independent

Why Biafra Should Be Declared independent

See main reasons why Biafra should be declared an independent Nation this year after many years of peaceful agitation.

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Below are proven reasons why republic of Biafra should be the only option for the eastern region after many years of unlawful marginalization form federal government.

1) In 1993, Israeli company established a Tomatoe factory in Anambra State, the govt of Nigeria frustrated it out because it will benefit the region.

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2) Bath Nnaji built a Gas Power Station in Abia State to serve some parts of South East and South South region for industrialisation of the zone. The govt of the North forced them to hook it up to Useless Nepa. Since it was not possible, they frustrated it out.

3) S/East presented a bill in National Assembly for the establishment of S East Devpt commission, the north played it down.

4) Niger Bridge is weak and may collapse one day, S/East will be cut off from South South and South West. Nigeria govt abandoned it.

5) All zones in the country have 6 states each, except S/East. The North played it down.

6) All commissioners of Police in S/East are all Fulani people, no security for the indigens.

7) Anambra State built the first Independent Refinery in the country, after completion, the North started dragging the ownership that it was built on their land. Just to be sure it doesn’t favour the South East people.

Finally, they are constantly killing, maiming, rapping our people and women respectively, and planning to force Islam on our people. Why should we not be on our own to determine our own destiny.


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