Why Harry Maguire was Arrested [Video] Prove

Why Harry Maguire was Arrested [Video]

Manchester United defender and captain Harry Maguire has been arrested after a fight at a local bar on the Greek island of Mykonos, 6methodblog reports. Here is why Harry Maguire was Arrested with a video prove the scenario.


See Why Harry Maguire was Arrested [Video]

The 27-year-old was spotted by police having a fight with other British citizens on Thursday night.

When the police men came to settle the matter, three English men are said to have fought back physically.

Due to this, Maguire and others were detained in the early hours of today (Friday).

A video on a Greek website showed Maguire chatting with fans earlier that night in the Matogiannia area of Mykonos town.

A police spokesman said: ‘When the brawl stopped, one of the two, which includes the football players then started abusing police officers verbally. At some stage, one of them threw a punch at one of the policemen and a fight started again.

‘The three of them were arrested but while trying to arrest them, the others, including the football player, got very violent. They were able to bring down two policemen, hit them and kicked them.

‘I can’t say what they were telling us. They were English swear words against the authorities and against the police. All three remain in police custody, in Mykonos cell. They are due to appear in front of a state prosecutor later today and will be charged with aggravated assault.’

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