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Why I Invest In Cardano Coin And Not Another Coin?

Welcome to 6method cryptocurrency hub. Today’s we will be talking about everything about Cardano coin (Ada) and why you should invest in Cardano coin.

Why I Invest In Cardano Coin And Not Another Coin?

What is Cardano (ADA)?

Cardano is a decentralized blockchain platform launched in 2017 and led by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson. Its self-described mission is to become a more environmentally sustainable and scalable blockchain network, in part relying less on energy-using cryptocurrency miners.

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Why I invest in ADA Coin Rather Than Other currencies

The first reason must be because you like the name. Cardano sounds good, right?

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The second reason is that when looking at the Top 10 Coin rankings, Cardano is in 3rd place (as of September 2021). This is not a low position but at $2.36 against Ethereum $3,411.55 and Bitcoin $48,020.54 Cardano’s potential is indeed huge to grow and profit.

The third reason is that I like and trust the founder of this Cardano coin. Charles Hoskinson was kicked out of the Ethereum project by Vitalik (founder of Ethereum) in 2014 due to disagreements.

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I do not delve deeper into this disagreement. But I think this situation seems similar to Steve Job. Immediately after being fired, Charles Hoskinson launched the Cardano project directly competing with Ethereum with an even clearer roadmap than Ethereum. He’s more motivated than Vitalik. And when I heard Charles Hoskinson talk on YouTube, I thought to myself, ‘This guy can do it.

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You can hear Charles share many of his views on his personal YouTube page below:

You can check out Cardano’s clear roadmap on its main website below.

If you read the above lines, you will probably like it because it’s so reasonable. The price is now low and you quickly put all your money into it. It’s wrong to let your emotions guide you like that. You will quickly join the district of 95% of the unsuccessful people in the market. Keep your emotions under control, just spend $100 to trade for experience first and learn technical analysis before trading larger amounts.

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The above is why I invest in Cardano Coin. So the crypto market is still there waiting for you.

Learn, study and learn before you officially trade your money.

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