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Why Lagos State Has More Coronavirus Cases Than Kano

Why Lagos State Has More Coronavirus Cases Than Kano

Why Lagos State Has More Coronavirus Cases

The Lagos state Commissioner for Health, Prof Akin Abayomi has explained why there are more cases of Coronavirus in the state than Kano which it shares a similar demography with.

Abayomi who spoke at a press conference on Thursday May 21, debunked claims of a dramatic increase of Coronavirus cases in the state.
He stated that though Lagos state is yet to reach its peak in Coronavirus cases, however the number of cases recorded is following the trend which was defined in its module.

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Abayomi also disclosed that Lagos has increased its testing capacity, whereas Kano has only one testing center which became functional recently. The health commissioner who revealed that there are 4 functional testing centers in Lagos, averred that more cases are diagnosed when increased testing is carried out.


Abayomi also talked about decentralized sample collection in the state. According to him, people no longer need to wait for the state’s epidemology team to come to their house for sample collection or go to isolation centers for Coronavirus tests.

Abayomi said there now 20 decentralized sample collection centers in the state which residents can easily walk into, to provide their samples for testing.

As at May 20, Lagos has 2954 confirmed cases of Coronavirus while Kano has 847 cases.



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