Why Manchester United Get More Penalties Than Other Teams

Why Manchester United Get More Penalties

According Fifa stats last season united got more penalty kick than any other team in Europe. Let’s go deep on why Manchester United get more Penalties than any other team.

Manchester united is arguably one of the Premier league top clubs. To add on that, they have a good and rich history too. Many accolades are to their name, leading in the number of Premier league titles.

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Manchester united used to be a big name way when they had Alex Ferguson as their headcoach. However things took a turn around when Sir Ferguson finally retiredvand nowadays they dont look that feared but always tipped as penalty kick team.

Manchester united last season shocked many by the number of penalties that they won. It was almost like a right in every game that they played, a penalty was lurking. In some instances where the game was to draw, it wasn’t a new thing to hear that they were awarded a penalty kick.

But why do united get a lot of penalties as compared to other teams? Come to think of it. I wouldnt quute say that it is a survival trait or winning trait given in training. Well to some point maybe yes.

Statistics show that a team that attacks more, inturn gets more penalties. Man United seemingly is an attacking team with the likes of Rashford, Greenwood and Martial leading the attack. They are good players.

Also a team that has pacey forwards are easily fouled inside the opponents box. Man United has a hostvof pacey forwards. One notable one is former Swansea winger Daniel James.

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