Why Nigerians Should stop Running Abroad For Greener Pastures – David Oyedepo

Why Nigerians Should stop Running Abroad

David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Bible Church aka Winers’ Chapel has opined that Nigerians should stop running abroad in seraph of greener pastures.
In a message posted on his Instagram page hours ago, the Man of God who is well traveled and avast wrote

David Oyedepo Instagram post: 

“There is a future in what you are doing. You do not need to run away to Europe or America. There is nothing anywhere else that is not where you are. Therefore, you are not created to be a beggar.”

As expected the post did not go down well with many Nigerians online.
One Bizzy Smile wrote in response

See how many Nigerians reacted to his post on why Nigerians Should stop Running Abroad For Greener Pastures

One Chywanders wrote

“Sir, aside from our leaders in government, you are one of those figures contributing immensely to the high rate of poverty in Nigeria.”

One Iteeigbo wrote

“Shebi you know say them de pay medical doctors #150,000 in Nigeria. And a medical doctor in Canada earns $2000 minimum. So where is the future in Nigeria .”

One Nnenna Aldo wrote

“Of course. When Nigerians are paying tithe and offering more than white people why won’t he say this? It applies to you alone”

Another one wrote
“He just wants to maintain Living Faith huge crowd in Nigeria…. how many of your children are here Sir?


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