How To Claim 500,000,000 Yahoo Token Airdrop, contract address

Welcome to 6method Yahoo token airdrop zone. Is no longer news about this cryptocurrency which has been trending for months now. Also learn how to claim 500,000,000 pieces raindrop to your trust wallet free of charge.

What is Yahoo Token?

This is a deflationary token developed to become more permanent over time. All holders of this token will earn BNB and will be automatically sent to your trust wallet by simply holding it.

How To Claim 500,000,000 Yahoo Token Airdrop

First, to claim this token you need to Referral to get 40% BNB + 100% $Yahoo

Listing on Pancakeswap come September 20, 2021, 🔥🔥

Network: Smart chain

Participating Airdrop Link:👇🏼

  • Open the link in Trust Wallet Dapps,
  • Change to smart chain network
  • Connect wallet and Claim


Yahoo Coin Contract Address


Name: $YT

Symbol: Yahoo

Decimal: 18

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